Exciting Attractions

Exciting Attractions

Especially Fun Activities

For mini-golf, laser tag, and other enjoyable family and group activities, visit Putt-N-Stuff in Orrville, OH and treat your family to an affordable excitement-filled day. Take advantage of our activity combo offers. Get more fun out of your money by choosing from our Combo Deals, or a Pick 3 Special, Pick 5 Special, or Ultimate Fun-Pass Wristband! (Ultimate Fun-Pass available Memorial Day thru Sunday, August 18 and then on Saturdays and Sundays through/and including Labor Day.)   Indoor Playground, Laser-Tag and Arcade open year-round, check seasonality for outdoor activities.                                                                                                                                                                              

Exciting Attractions

Arcade Games

Arcade GamesPrice $1 = 4 tokens

$5 = 20 tokens

$10 = 48 tokens

$20 = 104 tokens

Bumper Boats

Bumper BoatAhoy maties!! Set sail for the seven seas!! OK, well maybe not the seven seas, but Bumper Boats at Putt-N-Stuff are an ocean of fun. Armed with squirt guns, take on “enemy ships” and fire at will! If that doesn’t do the trick then its full speed ahead and prepare to ram!! Seriously, you’ll have a great time on the water, and there is no better way to cool down on a hot day. (44” minimum driver height. Passenger minimum of 3 yrs old or 45 lbs and accompanied by driver, minimum age 16.)

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.  Closes 15 minutes before park closes.

Price:   $8.95


Batting Cages

Batting CagesIt’s the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, full count. Here’s the pitch! CRACK!!! It’s a long fly ball!! It’s going…going…..Gone!!! A HOME RUN!!! The home team wins!!! The crowd goes crazy!!! Well, maybe hitting in our batting cages is not this dramatic, but it is a lot of fun! Whether you want to test your skills against a screaming fastball or just tee-off on a lazy softball, we have the pitch for you. With 6 cages to choose from and 10 different pitching machines, we have something for everyone.

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.

Price $1 per token (9 Pitches)

$10 for 11 tokens

$20 for 23 tokens

$25 for 1/2 hour cage rental

$40 for 1 hour cage rental


Go KartsDrivers, start your engines!! Hit the gas and enjoy the best racing experience around! The “Thunderzone Speedway” at Putt-N-Stuff has the widest variety of go-karts to choose from and will provide a great time for all ages. 

Kidzkart: For the young racers just starting out, our kidzkarts are just right! Your child will have a blast driving his own kart while you relax knowing that each kart operates at a kid friendly speed. (50” minimum driver height.) 

Naskart: If your need for speed is ready to be taken up a notch, step up to the Naskart! More speed, plus more thrills add up to more fun. This kart is the perfect step-up for drivers looking for a little more challenge. (58” minimum driver height.) 

Bullit: To experience the absolute best, high octane, tire screeching, heart pounding fun plssible in concession karting, the Bullit is for you!! Fly down the straight-away, pull tight into the corners, and claim victory on the final lap. No other kart can get you closer to a true racing experience than the Bullit!! (Minimum 16 yrs old.) 

Sidekick Kart: Not tall enough to drive your own kart? Don’t worry, we have it covered. The Sidekick is perfect for the little one that can’t reach the pedals just yet. An adult can drive our two-seater Sidekick with a child passenger and put a big smile on the little one’s face. (Driver minimum 16 yrs old/ Passenger minimum of 3 yrs old or 45 lbs.)

Please note, different styles of our single seater go-karts are not permitted to race against each other.

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.  Closes 15 minutes before park closes.

Price:  $8.95

Laser Tag

Laser TagDon’t just play the game, be the game! Fire at the speed of light and rack up points. Hit the targets for even more points!   (Ages 5 yrs. and up.)

Closes 15 minutes before the park closes.

Price: $8.95

Rock Wall Climb

Climbing WalReady, set, CLIMB!!! 10 feet, 20 feet, not there yet. 30 feet, still not to the top, 32 feet, made it!!! Now OK! Grab the safety cable and let the patented Auto-Belay System bring you softly and gently back to earth. What a rush!! Who's next????  

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.  Closes 15 minutes before park closes.

Price:  $8.95

Indoor Playground

Play Ground GroupNeed a place for the kids to run off some energy? Our Indoor Playground will keep them entertained for hours. Designed to let their imagination fun free, you kids can swing like Tarzan, take a ride on a magic carpet, jump like a kangaroo and much more!!! (Age 12 & under/ socks required.) 

Price $8.95

Gem Mining

Gem SluiceAn extraordinary hands-on experience! Purchase a bag of rough mix and then let the water wash over the sand as you pan for gemstones, fossils, seashells or arrow heads. Fun for all ages - young and old.

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.  Closes 15 minutes before the park closes.

Rough Mix Bag $6.50 and up.


Mini Golf - Family PuttingOne of the most popular summertime pastimes, mini-golf continues to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Come and enjoy 18 challenging holes at Putt-N-Stuff. Hit a hole-in-one, make a tricky bank-shot, or just enjoy the beautiful landscaping. No matter if you prefer a highly competitive match or just a relaxing outing, you’ll have a great time.

Open for the summer season, weather permitting.  Last game starts 30 minutes before park closes.

$1.00  ages 2-3 yrs old

$6.95  ages 4-12 yrs old 

$7.95  Senior Citizen

$8.95  13 yrs - adult

Exciting Attractions
Have More Fun at a Lower Price

Have more fun at a lower price by taking advantage of our special offers!

                                                            Pick-3 Special*:  $21.00 per person                                                                                                           

                                                           Pick-5 Special*:  $28.00 per person                                                                                                                 

 With the Pick-3 or 5 you get to mix or match any of the following activities*:  Go-Kart ticket, BumperBoat ticket, Lasertag              game, Mini-Golf game, Climbing Wall ticket, 5 Batting Cage Tokens, Indoor Playground Pass.

                        Fun-Pass Wristband*:  $37.50 Naskart or Kidzkart   or   $42.50 Bullit Kart                                                     

With the Fun-Pass Wristband you get 2 hours of unlimited go-karts, climbing wall, bumper boats, and laser-tag. After that you get all day mini-golf, batting cages, and indoor playground. 

Fun-Pass Wristband available Memorial Weekend - August 18,

and then on Saturdays and Sundays through/and including Labor Day.                 

(*Seasonality and weather permitting.  All age, height, & weight requirements apply.)  

Call (330) 683-1800 if you want a fun-filled day with your family or friends. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or just want to have fun on a boring day, come visit us for a guaranteed fun day.  Check out our hours of operation.